Is it our fault if students don’t want to learn?  Must we as teachers take on yet another duty, that of motivator?  In my opinion, it is our job to motivate young people.  While it may have been seemingly easier for the teachers of the 20th century to impress us with their body of knowledge and to engage us without all of the bells and whistles of our modern world, I argue that this task nowadays is simply different, not harder.  And in many cases, technology can make this challenge even easier.

Take a look at Katrina Schwartz’ blog 20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Learners on Mindshift, March 3, 2016 [http://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2016/03/03/20-strategies-for-motivating-reluctant-learners/].  This thoughtful article turns the camera on the teacher, and instead of asking why students don’t want to learn, it elucidates what teachers can do to make learning captivating, interactive, and engaging.

Are there some instances where we just can’t reach kids?  Or is that a hollow excuse?  Let me know where you stand on this.