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(aka let’s exchange ideas with a blog)

A super blog project that I would like to emulate is located at http://www.evwvoice.com/german_trip.html .  This project is a journal-style blog that has students on a German exchange writing their impressions, one student on each day of the trip.  This is a brilliant way to get PR for your trip and to have a great memory of a life-changing experience for all participants.  But since I can’t reply to this, I’ll have to find another idea.

After a few more dead ends, I stumbled on a blog that, while not in German, gave me some great ideas for my students.  The blog resembles a school newspaper, and it’s one of the winners of the Best Class Blog category as chosen by Edublog 2015.  You can find it at  http://cougarnewsblog.com/ .  This blog includes examples of student writing on a variety of current issues at a public junior high school.

This would be something I could do with German students on current events at our school.  Students could write articles to let our partner school in Germany in on what’s happening with us.  This project would allow students to write for an audience and get feedback, so it’s ideal.  And since the audience would be native speakers, students would be much more careful about crafting accurate, correct German.