See my Diigo bookmarks for sources about 
instructional technology and social media 
for the Net Generation
Peg Meyers' Diigo Bookmarks

I would use social bookmarking, such as Diigo, to organize resources for myself around a given topic, such as instructional technology or online learning communities.  This might also be a good way to compile resources for a group doing research, because as each person finds a new/useful link, he/she can add it here for all to access.

I think, however, I need to build in technologies slowly,  not only for my own sanity, but also as one of the articles in my Diigo bookmarks suggests:  … social media’s integration into the online classroom may also have disadvantages. Students can become involved with so many social media platforms “that it becomes difficult as a consumer to manage all of the tools available,” Menchaca says. [Social Media Gains Momentum in Online Education]