Lebo Girls in DresdenPart Two – Summary of Comments

Thank you all for your thoughtful posts on Should Your Kid Study Abroad in an ISIS World?.

The stats:  Five of you didn’t have personal experience with travel abroad, but four of those five wished they had.  Ten people felt that the pros outweighed the cons for travel abroad.  Three people expressed hesitation about travel abroad or wouldn’t want to send loved ones abroad at this time.

Most of you stressed that with well informed pre-travel preparation, safer destinations, and a good support network of respected programs/chaperons, study abroad is a valuable option for learning about cultures, languages, and people.

One of you brought up the very valid point that study abroad is a personal choice, therefore, not for everyone.  In addition, cost may make study abroad prohibitive for some.

And one person commented that study abroad for students is so well organized and carefully planned that adults later in life wished they could have access to this.

Thanks again for your feedback!