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Slow German PEGIDA

Slow German is a podcast by Annik Rubens, and German teachers everywhere are grateful for her culturally relevant topics and clear, deliberate enunciation.  Because she includes a transcript of her podcast, students can follow along and get the most out of her recordings.

The episode that I have included (link at top of post) is especially important for upper level students, because it’s about PEGIDA, a movement that was started in Dresden by Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamification of the West.  This group, coupled with the an increase in the number of refugees pouring into Europe, has caused great tension in Germany.  Since WWII, Germany has made great strides in promoting tolerance and reeducating citizens about the need for a multi-cultural country.  With the founding of PEGIDA in 2014, many fear that the improvements over the last seven decades are slipping away.

Annik Rubens shares a German perspective on PEGIDA, and this podcast is a great springboard for discussion, either in class, through a blog, or through other social media.