One of the main advantages that the Google Docs web application has is its ability to allow groups to work on a single publication from anywhere.  With its easy editing features and tracking of who adds/changes what, Google Docs is both student and teacher friendly.

For groups working on a collaborative project, be it an essay, presentation, or multi-media product, Google Docs (along with Google Slides) couldn’t be easier.  In the article  52 Secrets Students Should Know About Google Docs, tricks to make using Google Docs even easier and more efficient are listed.

In Module 8’s key information, Microsoft Office products were portrayed as the gold standard for office functions.  With developments in Google’s offerings, any preference for Microsoft options seems to be one of habit rather than actual convenience or efficiency.

For Net Gen students who prefer easier, efficient ways of working together on a project, Google Docs is a no-brainer.  Classmates can sit at their own device and offer input into group work.  The final product is then publication-ready, and can be sent to an audience or the teacher using the share feature.

Through personal experience using Google creations, I have become a firm believer in the advantages that these products provide for education.  Rarely have I come across more useful and user-friendly technology that simplifies the process of sharing information from teacher to student and student to teacher, while at the same time expanding the possibilities for what the final product can be.